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Maison Hefner "AUTOCORECT"

A note - be it left, collected or kept - never rests. It is always on a journey, always has a purpose. Its beauty lies in its swiftness - short yet poignant through limitation in space and time. Seldom more than a sentence, sometimes just a word. A bold honesty lies within its contingency, and by reducing a thought to its essence, it becomes an own and sometimes universal truth.

Monty Richthofen aka Maison Hefner has made this interplay a driving element in his work of the past three years, extending it to his own personal and artistic reality. Observations become words, words become notebooks, and from there are released back into (and onto) the setting that inspired them: the human body, urban space, the internet. Mostly as tattoos and public markings, they are made autonomous and given an own life. In being used as a canvas, reality is not only documented, but also made part of the artwork.

AUTOCORECT is a photographic collection of this threesome: traditionally private diaries, in which the works are born and notes collected, snapshots of the life that inspired them, and the works themselves - some of which might not be around anymore.

It melts down the interface between private and public life. Watch words play with their transcendence and flow beyond their physical base. From here, let them invite you to communicate.

Text: Cylène Marcia Stock

Maison Hefner "AUTOCORECT" 12x19cm, 352 Pages, Present Books 2019