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Fantasy translated to Portuguese, means Fantasia
Fantasia is another word for the costume one wears during Carnaval
Costume is also a word in Portuguese, which means usual
Port: de costume
Eng: as usual

...Tattooing allows us to claim our bodies back, to signal, to make kin, to come into contact, to take ones own time and space.
The space of the skin, the hand, the connection of the subjective through the tattooers hands to the skin conversing through images spent in good time, together, horizontally, as family.
When we get tattooed we have a chance to embody our costume, as usual, as is, as if it has always been there. Bringing up to the skin the images that traverse our inner space, that speak a thousand words in secret, that makes us feel better in ourselves.

Like in carnaval, but this time not only for a few days, but perhaps, forever.

- AMAZING FORWORD BY @aevtarperform

Awkward Aron, Krause, Coco Magnusson, Rozita, Sagflap, Yeda Zweifel

Fantasy Berlin "Fantasy" DIN A5 + DIN A3 Folded Poster, 136 Pages, Present Books 2019

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