Yannic Pöpperling‘s third book „NO USE FOR BLUES“ is the latest collection of poetic texts written during a very exciting time in the authors personal life. „There are always two“, he thought. Since his last book, two years passed by and a lot of given ideas and known facts have changed. The texts are a rediscovery of the romantic and the personal relationship. A near endless stream of thoughts played through in a game of chess reflecting upon the unchangeable fact: life moves on. „Read to one another, it makes things a lot easier“, says the author. NO USE FOR BLUES invites you as readers to pass through rough patches with a smile on your face and to always look ahead on a brighter horizon.

Yannic Pöpperling "NO USE FOR BLUES" 11,5x18cm, 68 Pages, 15 Stickers, German & English, Present Books 2022

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