PLASMA 5 Patch


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PLASMA 5 Patch

The PLASMA 5 patch not only protects you from Photonic fleas*, it can also be a nice accessory for your jacket. These patches provide increased style and confidence while you make your way across the galaxy. The iron on backing is perfect for adding the patch to your jacket, backpack, cap, space suit, jeans, shirt and more.

*Photonic fleas are tiny flying insects native to the Delta Quadrant. They build flimsy webs and feed on plasmaparticles.
A mating pair of photonic fleas were inadvertently brought aboard the USS Voyager in 2376 within a shipment of amber spice. The insects nested near a plasma conduit, causing a momentary loss of sensor resolution whenever they tapped into the conduit for nourishment.

- size: 60 mm / 2.4 inch
- High Quality Stitching
- Iron on patch
- limited edition (only 100 made)

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