Poster Mag 2



This is Poster Mag 2 by Present Books with large format photos by Bad Buzz, Brad Downey, Chardchakaj Waikawee, Christian Kage, Cornelius de Bill Baboul, Erli Grünzweil, Yannic Pöpperling, Maison Hefner, Mara Ploscaru, Maria Keller, Moritz Haase, Nora Heinisch, and Tony Futura. (We know, more is more). Besides the twelve DIN A2 photo posters the Poster Mag 2 contains three lovingly illustrated posters by Florian Seidel and a Back In The Days from the Poster Mag 1 by Joseph Kadow - MIND-BLOWING!

Present Books, „Poster Mag 2“, DIN A3, 18 Pages , Edition 250, Present Books 2019

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