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after teasing it for more than half a year, constantly working on it, trying to change it, perfect it, it’s finally here: lilith noah’s poetry collection. the poet is known on instagram for writing poetry on things that would otherwise be thrown into the garbage can. she writes on receipts, on concert tickets and boarding passes, on packaging material and napkins, giving them a second life.
“receipts” it is filled with laughter and tears, with first love notes and last goodbyes. it’s everything we feel put into words. this collection bears witness to the confusing years when kids turn into adults. during that time, we learn the most about ourselves: growing up means learning to listen to your gut, learning to live in a growing, changing body and in a growing, changing world. it might be overwhelming at times, but you will make it through. so, sit down comfortably, maybe with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and dive into all the receipts we collect when we grow up.

This is a collection of 130 poems.

"Receipts" 11,5x18cm, 176 Pages, English, Present Books 2021