Sinai Peninsula



Tair Adato's Zine is an analog photographic series showcasing selected works between 2017 and 2020, taken in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

Additionally, this publication contains an artistic diary from Maya Roo in Hebrew which was translated to Farsi and English. Maya Roo accompanied Tair Adato on his last journey to this impressive pensinsula in 2020.

Tair Adato:
My first time in Sinai was somewhere in April 2017. I went to parts of Sinai that people are “afraid” to go to because we fear the political situation, or out of fear of remoteness and isolation, or fear of a tribe that is different from ours. I went there to confront my own fears, and from this complexity, I found a shared humanity with the people of Sinai.

Tair Adato, „Sinai Peninsula“, ENG/HEB/FAR, DIN A5, 68 Pages + A3 Foldout Poster, Edition of 100, Present Books 2021

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